September 27, 2023
20 Cool and Calm Tips for Decorate a Bedroom in Blue

Blue is one of the most popular bedroom colors, and it’s no wonder why. It’s a calming hue that promotes relaxation and can help you get a good night’s sleep. Looking for a color scheme to help you achieve a cool and calm vibe in your bedroom? Look no further than blue! This adaptable color can be utilized in many dissimilar ways and is perfect for creating a relaxing and refreshing bedroom atmosphere. This blog post will give you 20 tips for decorating a bedroom in blue. So whether you are looking to paint your walls blue, add some blue accessories, or make small tweaks to your current décor, these tips will help you create the perfect blue bedroom!

Establish a theme

The first step to decorating a bedroom in blue is establishing a theme. Do you want your room to be light and airy? Or dark and mysterious? Answering this question will help you choose the right shade of blue for different room supplies like beds, curtains, area rugs, wall paints, etc.

Choose your furniture

Once you want to add a theme in mind, it’s time to start choosing furniture. If you want a light and airy room, opt for furniture made from natural materials like wood or wicker. For a dark and mysterious room, go for heavier pieces made from metal or leather.

Select your bedding

Now that you have your furniture, it’s time to pick out bedding. If you want a light and airy room, choose bedding in a light blue or white. For a dark and mysterious room, go for bedding in a darker shade of blue.

Add accessories

The next step is to add accessories. Again, if you want a light and airy room, look for items in lighter shades of blue. For a dark and mysterious room, go for accessories in darker shades of blue.

Hang curtains

Curtains are an important part of any bedroom décor. Suppose you want a light and airy room, select curtains made from lightweight fabrics like cotton or linen. Wear heavier fabrics like velvet or brocade for a dark and mysterious room.

Put up Wall art

Wall art is another important element of bedroom décor. If you want a light and airy room, look for art with watercolors or pastel tones. For a dark and mysterious room, go for artwork with richer colors or bolder patterns.

window treatments

Window treatments are another important consideration when decorating a bedroom in blue. Suppose you want a light and airy room, special treatments that allow lots of natural light to filter through, like blinds or shutters. For a dark and mysterious room, go for treatments that block out more light, like curtains or drapes.

Add some plants

Plants can also help to create the desired atmosphere in your bedroom. If you want a light and airy room, choose plants with light-colored leaves, For example, spider plants, peace lilies, or Boston ferns. If you want a dark and mysterious room, opt for plants with darker leaves, such as African violets, impatiens, or philodendrons.

Light some candles

Candles can also help to set the mood in your bedroom. If you want a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere, look for candles with soothing scents like lavender or chamomile. If you want something more invigorating, try candles with scents like citrus or mint. Blue bedrooms can be both stylish and calming.

Incorporate different shades of blue

Use different shades of blue in your decorating scheme to add interest to your space. For example, use light blue walls with darker blue bedding or curtains. Or try pairing different shades of blue in your accessories, such as using navy throw pillows on a light blue sofa.

Select flooring

The type of flooring you choose can also impact the overall feel of your bedroom. If you want a light and airy room, choose flooring in lighter shades like hardwood or bamboo. For a dark and mysterious room, go for flooring in darker shades like deep blue or blacks with adding Aqua Rugs.

Use blue as an accent color

If you’re not prepared to paint your walls blue, try using it as an accent color instead. Add some cobalt blue vases or a royal blue rug to inject a pop of color into the room.

Mix and match patterns

One of the best specialties about decorating with blue is the many patterns to choose from. To create a cohesive blue look, stick to a similar color palette when selecting your fabrics and patterns. For example, pair a striped duvet cover with a polka dot sheet set or floral curtains.

Incorporate natural elements

Blue is repeatedly associated with water and the sky, so incorporating natural elements into your decor will help create a calming oasis in your bedroom. Try adding some sea-themed artwork or mixing in some sand-colored accents. Introducing plants into the space is also a great way to add some life to the room while promoting relaxation.

Go nautical

Nautical themes are always popular when decorating bedrooms, especially kids’ bedrooms. To get this look, stick to blues and whites and mix in some seafaring accents like anchor-shaped throw pillows or artwork featuring boats or sailboats. Don’t forget about adding some rope-wrapped accessories!

Use blues of different intensities

Create visual interest by using blues of different intensities throughout the space. For example, use pale-blue walls with darker navy bedding or window treatments. You could also try using light fixtures or lamps with brighter bulbs to bring extra light into the room; this is especially helpful if you’re trying to promote relaxation.

Wall Paint

It is perfect for a theme that paints one wall blue and leaves the others white for an ombré effect that gradually gets lighter as it reaches the ceiling. The blue wall will make the room more open and airy while adding a personalized touch.

Bring in Nature

Blue is the color and shade of the sky and the ocean, often associated with feelings of peace and tranquility. When decorating a bedroom, these qualities can be harnessed to create a space that feels calm and serene. Here are ten tips for using blue to decorate a bedroom that will promote relaxation and rest.

Opt for Lamps

Opt for lamps with blue glass shades to inject some color into the room without being too overwhelming. Choose a light blue for the walls and use darker shades in accessories such as throw pillows, blankets, and rugs. Use white or cream-colored furniture to balance the blue and create a more spacious feel.

Dress up Ceiling Beams

For a unique touch, dress up ceiling beams with blue fabric. This will count some visual interest to the room and help to tie together different elements. When selecting fabrics for your bedroom, opt for subtle patterns instead of bold prints. Smaller motifs will add texture and interest without being too busy.


Start with these cool and calm tips if you want to add a touch of blue to your bedroom. From furniture to supplements, there are plenty of ways to incorporate blue without making the room feel too cold or sterile. You can create a relaxing and palliative oasis in your home with just a few simple changes. Like adding rugs, One best advice for readers,  RugKnots is the best place to find rugs , so visit it and find rug for your dream color theme bedroom

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