May 29, 2023
Bajaj Pulsar 150 vs Yamaha FZ X

The best 150cc bikes in India are Pulsar 150 and the Yamaha FZ X. These two bikes are roaming on Indian soil. To assist users in choosing wisely between the Bajaj Pulsar 150 and the Yamaha FZ X. Comparisons between these bikes have been made. Check out the bikes’ differences and pick the composition that suits you best.


The starting price for the Yamaha FZ X street bike in India is Rs. 1 33,753. Unfortunately, there is only one variant and three colors offered. The kerb weight of the FZ X motorcycle is 139 kg and it has a 10-liter petrol tank. The Yamaha FZ X 149cc BS6 engine produces 12.2 horsepower and 13.3 Nm of torque. It has an anti-lock braking system with front and rear disc brakes.

In India, the Bajaj Pulsar 150 street bike has a starting price of Rs. 1 05,882. It comes in three variations and ten colors, with the top variation starting at Rs. 1 16,177. The 150 Pulsar 149.5cc BS6 engine gives a power of 13.8 bhp and a torque of 13.25 Nm. Pulsar 150 has an anti-lock braking system with a front disc and rear drum brakes. The fuel tank capacity of the Pulsar 150 bike is 15 liters and it has a kerb weight of 148 kg.

You will get a clear idea of which bike suits you from here.

Bajaj Pulsar 150 Vs. Yamaha FZ X: Power and Hardware

The 149cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine. The new Yamaha FZ X is also found in the FZ FI lineup. The equipment includes 17-inch alloy wheels, disc brakes on both wheels, a seven-step preload-adjustable rear mono-shock, and 41mm telescopic front forks. The motor, connected to a five-speed gearbox, generates 13.3Nm of maximum torque at 5,500 rpm and 12.2bhp power at 7,250 rpm.

On the other hand, the Bajaj Pulsar has a fuel-injected, air-cooled, single-cylinder 149.5cc engine that produces 13.8 horsepower and 13.4 nm of torque and complies with BS6 standards. It has a five-speed transmission. The bike features telescoping front forks up at the front and dual springs at the rear. It also has a front disc brake as standard and a drum or disc brake option for the back.

Bajaj Pulsar 150 Vs. Yamaha FZ X: Specification

FZ-X’s design features include a simple grab rail at the back, an engine cowl, a step-up seat with a tuck and roll pattern for the cover, and a circular headlight in the front. Fork gaiters and tough dual-purpose tyres. Added to the motorcycle which improves its overall look. Yamaha will provide several add-ons as options to further customize the FZ-X. Some include a seat cover, tank pad, chrome mirrors, and LED blinkers. The features include a slim LED taillight at the back, an LCD instrument cluster, an LED headlamp with LED DRL, and a USB charger. Single-channel ABS and a side-stand engine cut-off feature are safety net features.

The display on the Bluetooth-enabled model provides information regarding calls, SMS and email notifications, and phone battery level when used with the Yamaha Y-Connect smartphone software. The smartphone application tracks information like fuel usage, maintenance suggestions, and the last place the vehicle has been parked. Furthermore, know how to maintain the fluids in the vehicle.

Talking about the pulsar 150 specification, although the motorcycle hasn’t had a new style for a while, various color schemes and versions have been added. Six color jobs are available for the motorcycle: neon red, neon yellow, and neon silver for the new Neon series, and black-grey, black-red, and black-blue for the single-disc and twin-disc models, respectively. 

Bajaj Pulsar 150

Additionally, Bajaj has released the Pearl White and Safire. The motorcycle company’s Neon line scheme with a matte metallic grey and contrasting neon orange or yellow highlights has been developed to spice up the dish. However, the engine belly and tank extensions are absent from the Neon model. 


You can understand which bike you should buy, Yamaha FZ-X or Bajaj Pulsar 150. Find out which bike is best for you by comparing the two models based on their price, mileage, features, colors, and other specs. Both are good commuter bikes. Meanwhile, Pulsar 150 has better Power & better mileage. FZ X is slightly better because of the aesthetics. It looks much more modern.

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