September 27, 2023
Comprehensive maintenance

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Comprehensive community maintenance Everything you need to know about the main tasks in a neighborhood community.


  • Main tasks within the integral maintenance of communities
    • Community cleaning
    • elevator maintenance
    • Cleaning of community manholes
    • stair cleaning
    • garden maintenance
    • pool maintenance
    • Maintenance of sports areas
    • garage cleaning
    • Mechanized scrubbing of common areas

Comprehensive community maintenance Everything you need to know about the main tasks in a neighborhood community. 

All neighborhood communities need one or more people in charge of the maintenance and cleaning. Like common areas, portals, and facilities. For this reason, at SCS Group Integrated Services we offer maintenance services for community buildings or premises. This person is in charge of both the cleaning of the community and its comprehensive maintenance: garden, pool, garage, manholes…

In this post, we want to detail some of the main tasks carried out by our maintainers within the comprehensive maintenance of communities.

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Main tasks within the integral maintenance of communities

Depending on the size of the community. We offer plans adapted to the characteristics and needs of each development. Large urbanizations that, for example, have gardens, swimming pools, sports facilities or garages. We need more than one person to be able to carry out the maintenance correctly.

Next, we are going to explain some of the most important points within the integral maintenance of communities .


Community cleaning

One of the most important points in the integral maintenance of communities is cleaning them. Maintaining a community of neighbors in good cleaning and disinfection conditions is essential right now. In addition to avoiding the risk of the spread of viruses, it facilitates coexistence among neighbors, which is why many of the neighborhood communities choose to hire a specialist community maintenance company .

Portals, entrances, stairs, and corridors are the areas that are most frequently dirtied by human traffic, which is why if common areas are not properly cleaned, they can become a source of infections. , posing a threat to residents.

If you want to know more about cleaning communities, look at this article on how to clean a community of neighbors.

elevator maintenance

Like the rest of the facilities, the cleaning of elevators is essential in a community of neighbors. Now, more than ever, elevators must be cleaned and disinfected every day: cleaning buttons, mirrors, floors, doors… Being such a small space, it can become a major source of infection for neighbors, for that in many communities, it is recommended to go up to the house by stairs and avoid elevators as much as possible.


Cleaning of community manholes

The boxes are usually located inside the building, and are the ones that collect the wastewater from the entire community of neighbors, before reaching the general network. It is common for certain non-biodegradable solid waste to fall down the drainpipes to the manhole, on certain occasions, blockages occur that prevent the wastewater from going down to the collector, even flooding some homes or common areas. For this reason, it is very important that community manholes be cleaned continuously, to avoid possible problems.

Stair cleaning

The stairs are another of the busiest places in the common areas of the building. In addition, now more than ever it is being recommended to go up and down the stairs before using the elevator. The stairs require the same cleaning and maintenance as the rest of the areas, it is important to sweep and scrub the steps and landings with bleach, and take extreme care in disinfecting the handrails of the stairs, since it is another of the great sources of infection for children. neighbours. That is why the cleaning of stairs is another of the key points within the integral maintenance of communities .


Garden maintenance

Another of the services in which we are specialized in More Social is in the maintenance of gardens. In every job we do, we make sure that the gardens are always in perfect condition for use. Within the maintenance of gardens would be the cleaning of the same, clearing and felling tasks, sweeping and removal of leaves, removal of weeds, garbage, replacement of bin bags and maintenance and cleaning of urban furniture, among others. pool maintenance

Many neighborhood communities have a swimming pool to enjoy in summer. These pools, like the rest, need to meet a series of requirements so that the safety of bathers can be guaranteed. Within the work of a “maintainer” would be the checking of the facilities and review of their condition, the removal of the cover and cleaning of the facilities, water treatment and start-up of the machinery, checking of the first-aid kit and security elements, opening and closure of the pool, among others.


Maintenance of sports areas

Increasingly, neighborhood communities are aware of the importance of physical well-being, which is why many already incorporate sports areas. In these cases, the figure of the maintainer will have to clean and maintain them so that they are always in good condition and in condition for the use of the neighbors. This cleaning will comprise carrying out the maintenance, cleaning, and disinfection of sports machines and accessories, floor cleaning, and bathrooms…

Garage cleaning

The garage is one area of the community of neighbors that gets dirtiest because of the smoke expelled by the exhaust pipes and the stains left on the pavement by the wheels of the tires. At SCS Group Integrated Services we have the machinery to carry out the cleaning correctly. We mainly use industrial machinery to work efficiently on large surfaces, such as mechanized scrubbing.


Mechanized scrubbing of common areas

Another of the most important tasks within the comprehensive maintenance of communities is the mechanized sweeping and scrubbing of the common areas of the building, such as the portal, the landings, patios, gatehouses, and garages, among others. We use the best products and specific machinery to carry out the mechanized scrubbing of common areas, the best method for cleaning large surfaces.

We hope this article has helped you to understand in greater depth all the tasks that are required in the integral maintenance of communities. If you need more information about our services, contact us and ask for your personalized budget without obligation.

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