September 27, 2023
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Shopping Mall Cleaning Equipment

Features of cleaning shopping centers

Thousands of people visit shopping malls every day. Such a high level of traffic requires cleaning not only during the closing of the store (morning or evening), but also maintaining perfect cleanliness and order at the facility throughout the working day. This is a necessary condition for the quality operation of the building, a guarantee of its safety and an indicator of the level of service.

In order to effectively solve this problem not only daily but also in the long term, the heads of shopping centers today increasingly resort to the services of specialized cleaning organizations.

Benefits of partnering with a cleaning company

By transferring the care of the cleanliness of their premises to experienced and reliable cleaning companies, shopping center owners will soon discover noticeable benefits:

Improved quality and speed of cleaning

Professional cleaners with high qualifications and excellent knowledge of the features of working with various types of surfaces begin to work. Cleaning of premises is carried out using modern high-tech equipment, due to which the quality of cleaning activities increases several times and the time for cleaning is noticeably reduced.

Perfect cleanliness in accordance with SanPin standards

Specialists work in strict observance of all sanitary and hygienic standards from the first day of cooperation, cleaning and disinfecting the premises at the highest level.

Cost optimization

There is no need to hire additional staff to the staff of the shopping center, purchase expensive cleaning equipment and allocate a separate room for it.

Optimal cleaning plan

The presence of their own effective cleaning methods and extensive experience in solving the most complex tasks allows experienced companies to develop an optimal cleaning schedule for each partner without unnecessary expenses.

Strict control of results

Professional cleaning services, such as our company, have an internal quality control department that strictly monitors the quality of the work performed, and also conducts regular employee training courses. All this allows the owners of shopping centers not to worry about the cleaning results.Varieties of cleaning

Cleaning activities in the shopping center include a whole range of works that can be carried out before the opening, during work and after the closing of the shopping center and at night, if necessary by the customer.

The range of types of cleaning is diverse and allows any client to choose the best option for themselves:

  • Regular cleaning of the shopping center : dry and wet cleaning of all horizontal and vertical surfaces, washing of windows, mirrors, elevators, furniture, equipment; dry cleaning of carpets; cleaning bathrooms, taking out garbage before opening and after closing the premises

  • Maintenance cleaning: maintaining order and cleanliness at the facility during the working day.

  • Urgent onetime cleaning: a set of works to eliminate pollution at the facility as a result of an accident, clogged pipes, etc.

  • General cleaning: thorough preparation of order at the facility before or after a major event.

  • Post-construction and post-repair work: high-quality cleaning activities after construction or repair, removal of construction debris, etc.

  • A wide range of additional services: cleaning the surrounding area around the shopping center and maintenance of buildings and structures, which include minor repairs.

As a rule, the cost of work is calculated for each customer individually, as it depends on the size and specifics of the shopping center, work, the number of equipment and personnel involved, as well as the regularity of events.

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