September 27, 2023
Draw an Anime Schoolgirl

Many anime and manga are aimed at young people. So it’s no surprise that many of these stories occur in high school. School uniforms are standard in Japan and appear in anime as well. The classic style is characterized by a short pleated skirt, made famous by 1990s pop star Namie Amuro.

In Japan, otaku describes “people with consumer interests, particularly in anime and manga.” Some shops and restaurants in certain places, such as the Akihabara neighborhood of Tokyo, cater to the otaku subculture, even with workers dressed in anime. Would you like to draw a cute anime schoolgirl cartoon? This easy step-by-step manga funny drawing tutorial guides you on how. All you require is a pen or pencil and a sheet of report. You can even color your ceased drawing.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing an Anime Schoolgirl.

Step 1

Begin by drawing the anime girl’s face. Draw three successively smaller circles to form the eyes—shade between the two smaller ones to indicate the pupil. Use a thick curved line at the top and a curved line at the bottom to give them the classic square shape of anime eyes. Then use curved stripes to draw the eyebrows, beak, and lips.

Step 2

Draw the anime girl’s hair. On the face, draw curved lines that meet at points down. Then draw lines that run along the sides of the face.

Step 3

Use curved lines to trace the ears and told chin. Then draw two curved lines for the neck and connect them at the bottom. Draw an inverted triangle below the collar and a curved triangle on each side of the collar to form the garment collar.

Step 4

Use curved lines to outline long hair on the top and sides of the head. Texturize the hair with short, curvy lines. Draw a small circular form below the strait. Extend a curved line from each side and fold it back to enclose an irregular shape. This is the tie or bow on the neck of the sailor suit.

Step 5

Use curved bars to trace the sleeve, upper arm, lower arm, and needle. Notice the narrow “U” shaped lines that make up the overlapping fingers and the short lines that outline the palm of the girl’s hand.

Step 6

Use curved stripes to draw the remaining sleeve, arm, pointer, and fingers.

Step 7

Draw curved lines to form the torso’s sides and the seams of the sleeves. Attach them at the base using a curved stripe and draw a short line to display the hem or a wrinkle in the material. Below the torso, tighten many curved lines to form the flanks of the skirt and the ruffles. Connect the sides of each fold with a curved line.

Step 8

Draw the leg. Use a couple of long, curved lines, keeping in mind the curve of your knee. At the base, use curved lines to retain the irregular figure of the shoe. Draw a short curved line at the knee and place a band on the leg with a curved line below it to indicate the top of the high sock.

Step 9

Outline the remaining leg using long, curved lines. Draw the shoe at the bottom. Place a band on the leg with a curved line and use a short line to detail the knee.

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