March 23, 2023
Hotel cleaning service

Housekeeper Holding Stack Of Fresh Clean Towels In Hotel Room

When travelers stay in a hotel or hostel. They usually expect to receive a minimum of services to make their stay as comfortable as possible. But, if there is something that all guests expect. It is that the place where they stay is clean and tidy. In fact, one factor that travelers value most is the cleanliness of a hotel.

For this reason, at the SCS Group Integrated Services a hospitality cleaning service in Melbourne and all states of Australia. We try to take maximum care of this aspect. We know that service is important. But a tidy room that is free of dust and that has a completely clean bathroom is one of the main points of a hotel.

Hotels and hostels are places where many people live, so deep and detailed cleaning becomes very important. And more if we consider the location. A hostel in the center of Brisbane, ​​because of the volume of tourism that the city receives. Must take even more care, if possible, of all these aspects. The cabin must be cleaned and disinfected periodically. After each visit, always offer the best service to its customers.

There are a series of characteristics and pre-established conditions that in our SCS Group Integrated Services we try to respect as much as possible. Knowledge is power, so we will detail them below so that you can take them into account on your next trips:

Essential aspects in cleaning a hotel

  1. They should always carry cleaning tasks out at the right times so that they cause less inconvenience to guests. That is why they are usually carried out in the morning, at breakfast time, or when clients go out to visit the city.
  2. When these tasks are carried out, it is necessary to do it in such a way that the least possible noise is made. Especially when they are done first thing in the morning or at night. As a guarantee to the remaining clients.
  3. Guests should always know when their rooms will be cleaned. We will notify it before entering and also, once we are inside, it must be announced at the door that the services are being carried out inside.
  4. If a guest leaves the hostel leaving any personal item in the room, it must always be handed over to those responsible for the lost property service.
  5. When the floors are scrubbed, it must be signaled correctly, to avoid possible accidents.
  6. The cleaning products used must be controlled and must not pose any risk to guests.
  7. It must be cleaned daily using quality products that prevent the accumulation of dust.
  8. Disinfection must be carried out periodically. In addition, at least once a year, a disinsection and rat extermination process must be passed to avoid any type of pest.
  9. Sanitary inspections will be responsible for verifying that we perfectly complied the regulations with.

Cleanliness and tidy rooms are important

As for cleaning the room, we can safely say that it is the most important part of hotels and hostels and the one that will require the most time. This is because guests will spend most of their stay in their rooms. The procedure for professionally cleaning the rooms is:

  • Ventilate the room by opening the windows during the cleaning period.
  • Change used sheets and towels, sending them to the laundry to be deep cleaned with disinfectant and hot water.
  • Check the room so that all the elements are in order and if something of value is found, refer it directly to those responsible for lost objects, never throw them away.
  • Clean the bathroom by discarding all used canisters and replacing them with new ones. Use disinfectant to keep everything germ-free. Finally, clean crystals and review all the metallic elements so that they are shiny.
  • Clean mirrors and glass in the rest of the room.
  • Finish dusting the furniture and finally clean the floor.

It is very important to always hire the services of professionals, to guarantee the best cleanliness and order of our rooms. The satisfaction of our clients is very important to us, and we commit ourselves to the maximum to offer the best service. For this reason, our clients always positively value aspects as important as cleanliness. Our pride lies in the fact that it is so.

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